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Hi, I'm Ben. You won't find any 3rd person fancy stuff in here.

In short, I'm a musician, a sound engineer, a sound designer, a teacher, a performer and a Lighting Designer. The latter being the most true.

Here are some more facts about me, sorted chronologically.

I grew up in Venezuela and other places, before coming to Israel. That's why I love street food and latin jazz. I think it's why I do techno too.

In 7th grade I started playing guitar and drums at home. Metal head, metal heart. :)

A while later I realized that bands are not for me but I saw the guy behind the desk having more fun than us. That's when I started gravitating towards the more technical side of music making.

Then I came back to Israel. Don't ask why.. But eventually I started going to dubstep parties and listened to more D&B, became more interested in synths so I spent a year learning electronic music production. That's when I got introduced to house and eventually to techno.

I had been classically trained in my early years as a musician, and also learned many different approaches from electronic music producers so naturally I became fascinated by hybrid orchestration and cinematic stuff. That's when I went kinda all in on visual media stuff and started writing music for all kinds of little ads and indie game projects.

At the same time, being drawn to alternative and underground culture, I wasmaking more and more techno, jamming at home with synths etc, and  at some point I decided to start the benki thing. I think 2 years later I became obsessed with modular synths and here we are now. Trying to figure out what went wrong :).

BTW, I've been a Lighting designer and operator since 2014 so my attraction for visual media, mixed with my love for music, always helped me make things look good at work. I truly believe that we should feed out eyes and our ears equally. That our studios should look and feel nice on top of sounding nice. That as musicians, everything we touch, see and smell has to be as nice as the things we want to others to hear.

Finishing Sound Engineering school I re-designed and re-built my studio, and it's where I work on my music for all kinds of projects, (benki EP's, Sample Packs, Video stuff etc..), it's also where I teach and f course it's where I give my services as a sound engineer.

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